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Tell us what you think - and send us your news: While news about regulation and certification is important—probably the most important information—we feel there is so much more to the Texas EMS story. So we are launching a website for Texas first responders, a place to come for information about emergency response, conferences and education, links to other responder websites, job resources, EMS obituaries, RAC news, emergency response and EMTF news, profiles on EMS providers, educational programs, links to EMS blogs and Twitter accounts—in short, a way for you to get information about what’s happening in EMS and emergency response around the state. There are a couple of websites devoted to emergency personnel for the entire country, but none specific to Texas. We want to be the place you go for news about emergency response in Texas at an easy-to-remember web address.

This is your website! We want to hear from you! Follow us on Twitter at @TexEMS. Send us news items about what’s happening in your area and we’ll post them. Send us links to news stories and we’ll put it under our news section. Want a story done on your EMS service, your educational program or your RAC? Do you have more than 20 years experience in EMS? We love to run profiles. Want to toss out some ideas about a story to write or how we can improve the website? Write Kelly Harrell at kharrell@tex-ems.com.

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